Gelation & / or water-binding
Gelating gel has excellent elasticity & smoothness. It is also infinitely thermo-reversible. The gel melts slowly, hence it is a boon to icecream industries with its superior melt-down properties.
The excellent foaming abillities of Gelatine & Film forming properties are useful in the manufacture of marshmallows & icecreams.
The oil-soluble sections of the protein chain of Gelatine has the ability to emulsify water in oils. This is highly benificial to the dairy industry.
Colloidal protection against crystallization
As Gelatine is a colloid, it prevents crystallization. This property helps the ice-cream texture by preventing it from becoming grainy.
Various uses of Gelatine
With every new research, Gelatine is found to be of increasing use in modern times. Today, it has changed the faceof food, pharmaceutical & photographic Industries.
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